Hi, I’m Karissa!

My current, ever evolving, mission is to help as many humans feel as amazing about themselves as possible.  Skin – Body – Mind – Heart – Soul – Breath.  Those are a few very important elements in the human experience.  When one is off, often it throws the others off too.  We are so intimately connected.

In seeking to discover a deeper knowledge of myself, I also began to pursue avenues that enable me to help others in similar way.

In 2012 I became a licensed esthetician.  I began working as an esthetician by day and serving tables by night.  I spent what little free time I had at the gym and explored different styles of yoga offered in my area.

In 2014 I hit a fork in my life; I could either stay where I was and keep doing what I was doing, or I could let go of it all to explore the world for a period of time.  Several factors lined up in such a way that it became very clear to me that it was time to put myself in uncharted territories.  I explored for 7 months and when all was said and done I was still wanting more.  I decided the next trip I would prioritize deepening my yoga practice with a teacher training.

A month before I left the country with a one way ticket to Thailand I had a buzz of inspiration circulate through me. What if I combined Yoga & Esthetics and shared it with the world, effectively creating the ultimate body care experience?!  Think of it, personalized guided yoga, coupled with a high caliber customized facial for savasana.  Bliss.

Immediately after acquiring my 200hr RYT Ashtanga Yoga Certificate 2015 many opportunities arose to teach one on one and assist classes at nearly every stop I made through Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

These days I am located in the Sacramento and Folsom area.  In addition to making my mobile yoga and facial dream a reality, I teach weekly yoga classes at multiple locations, guide community meditations, and give advanced skincare services from a lovely studio space.

I look forward to hearing from and meeting you!