ZEST (week 26)

Where a lot of humans lose their zest is in early adulthood.  No longer are we forced to have teachers or be in school. "adulting" really takes hold and a plateau occurs.

YES (week 25)

We inadvertently say, Yes and No, to several hundred things on any given day.  While you might not directly say NO to something, by saying yes to another there is an implied no.

X marks the spot (week 24)

I found myself driving to teach class Tuesday morning thinking about just forfeiting the series all together for the week.  Would any of my students even care or notice??  The answer to that question is a mystery, but when I thought about it I knew I would notice, and I cared.  

Worthy. Welcome. Whole. (week 23)

You know that feeling when you are in a position where you absolutely have to speak out loud, but you're choking back the fact you're crying?  As you attempt to project your voices sings the song of your tears, while the words you're trying to say seamlessly end up wobbling out of your mouth like a squad of drunken kittens? 

SOURCE (week 19)

This weeks word was chosen long ago.  I am not sure words can properly express the magnitude of raw power that the word source packs. Visit my Instagram: Being_yourbestself (where you will discover healthy skin tips, life hacks, nutritional suggestions.)