Keep it fresh

Meditation _preview

Recently I decided to expand my reach in the community by taking on several more yoga classes at new locations.

Taking into consideration that filling my plate in this way will require more physically and mentally from me, I thought it might be wise to contemplate ways to best settle into teaching twice as many classes per week.  After a good brainstorm I came up with an idea.

While no two classes guided by me will ever be the exact same, over the past two years the way I share movement has begun to feel more methodical and natural to me.  In the last six months one thing I started doing with an awareness is, I thread I AM mantras and other uplifting statements/phrases into all my classes.  There are a few core mantras I find myself regurgitating over and over again, but I want to be careful to not over share them.  Even the best things become stale when their over done. 

Obviously the way I help save my physical self is demonstrate less during class and cut back at the gym if my body feels over worked.  So- during the brainstorm I mainly focused on how to adjust my mental state to this change.  How do I prevent myself from stressing that I might be too repetitious in class and how do I cultivate a buzz of eagerness amongst my students for what is to come in the following week?  How do I keep it fresh?

With a 26 week A-Z mantra series of course!!

A week at a time I am going use one inspirational/powerful word as the core theme of class and work my way through the alphabet.  Allowing the mantras I say during class to creatively revolve around this word.

With no hesitation I landed on the word for week 1….

I’ll tell you what it is in the next post 😉



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