BUOYANT (week 2)

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  1. able or apt to stay afloat or rise to the top of a liquid or gas
  2. cheerful and optimistic

Buoyant, the word kept coming to me strongly last week, each time I would consider what word I would thread throughout my classes buoyant seemed to rise to the top.  When I would repeat it in my mind as I drove feelings of lightness and positivity would fill me.  I also found myself wondering, how the heck do you spell buoyant? hah.

Now- I didn’t know until just a moment ago when I looked it up that buoyant has two technical definitions.  I knew buoyant made me feel cheerful and optimistic but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was down as a proper definition.  

Yoga asks us to engage our bodies in ways that we wouldn’t normally, to strengthen us for all the things we do very regularly.  Commonly when we hear the word engage in reference to movement our first response is to stiffen, flex, or harden the area being called to engagement.  As I ponder how to share buoyancy with the community my hope is to switch peoples concept of what it means to engage the body.   I will intergrade a new association to the word engage using buoyancy as my leverage, encouraging students to charge up their bodies and lighten while they lift rather than flex/hold/harden.

A few ways I shared buoyant during week 2:

How can you be more buoyant?

I am buoyant.

When I become aware that I am feeling heavy I remember I can choose how I feel, therefor I breathe Buoyancy into my person allowing any burden/weight to melt out of me and be digested by the core of the earth.  I allow myself to grow light.  I allow myself to resided in a space of buoyancy.

Find buoyancy especially when you are in an asana that challenges you deeply.


I incorporated new sequencing into my class that played really well with the word buoyant.  It was a dynamic balancing tightrope walk segment of sorts. It was fun, it was different, people liked it.


One student came up to me after Fridays class and shared with me that she had carried abundance with her all week and loved it, and she couldn’t wait to bring buoyant into her life.  How cool is that?!


Breathe, Be, Bold, Bloom, Blossom, Believe. 


  1. A: Abundance
  2. B: Buoyant


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