DIGEST (week 4)



1.  break down (food) in the alimentary canal into substances that can be absorbed and used by the body.
2.  a compilation or summary of material or information.

I have to say- I am pretty jazzed to dig into the word digest this week.  Digestion is an amazing process that all living things have in common, and it’s responsible for energizing life force itself.

We digest both literally and figuratively: food, emotions, experiences, nature, people.

If in one way or another we are always digesting, and digestion is key to survival, then surely how we digest plays a pretty significant role in the fluidity of our daily lives.

Without the ability to digest food and nourishment we would fall ill, and eventually cease to exist.

Without the ability to process and digest emotion we would become hardened, depressed, and suicidal.

Having digest be the word of the week wound up being the best thing for me.  I am going to elaborate on why, not because you care or need to know about my personal life, but because you might find it relatable in some small way or another. 🙂

After not having a substantial heart connection with a man for the entirety of my twenties I thought I met a person that I would be getting to know and sharing time with.  After our first date I felt a wash of calm excitement that was unfamiliar to me.  I thought to myself what is this magic feeling? Has the universe provided me a human of substance and similar interests to hang out with at last?!  We parted ways on a, we can’t wait to see each other when he gets back into town next week, note.

Oh how constantly we are reminded that the male and female brains opperate from different sides of the ever expanding galaxy.

Over a week later he informs me that I’m an amazing woman, but it’s not a good time for him.  Upon having this information delivered to me I found myself straight up weeping while doing the dishes, my brain raced through all the could have, should have, would haves.  Wondering where I went wrong and why didn’t this person want to get to know me more? Oooh the darn agony!

Even while it was happening I knew it was a ridiculously extreme, over dramatic, bodily reaction to be having over a person I have spent less than 10 hours of life getting to know, but I let it happen.  I went into full release mode, I let it all come out, I ate like crap, I thought terrible things about myself, I cried while driving, and I cried at the plant store, I told the lady at the bank I have seen better days. lol

I acknowledged and really felt each thought, whether it was true or not:

“You make yourself too available.”
“You shouldn’t have messaged him first.”
“10 days of no communication was a good indication he didn’t feel the same as you.  Why do you bother putting yourself out there?”
“The essence of your being is a repellent to the kind of connection you want in your world.”

You see without realizing it my EGO ever so stealthily attached my previous calm feelings after the first date to a belief in me that meant this confidence and calmness I was feeling was a universal indication that this connection was mutual, therefor I finally met a person on the same page as me.  Well- definitely not the case.

Working with digest was so helpful because it raised a truly beneficial question in my mind as I encountered my little midweek upset:

“How can I digest experiences efficiently, even when their unpalatable, especially when their unpalatable?”

My answer was, allowance.  I spent a decent amount of time in a head space of self-loathing as mentioned above, once I felt like I was done crying, done eating poorly, and done thinking terrible things I went to the gym.  I danced, I moved, I meditated, and I swam.

Just as I allowed myself to be triggered and feel all the dark crappy things, I then allowed myself to come back into a light warm space of self love.  If I were to have bottled the experience it wouldn’t have digested properly, and who knows when it would have reared its ugly head.

Solutions to create optimal digestion in our lives:

To better digest emotions:
Allow. Accept. Feel. Move forward.
Helpful tools: meditation, music, yoga, writing, dancing, talking with a friend.

To better digest food:
Challenge yourself to be present while eating: chew more thoroughly, seek the subtle flavors, and take smaller bites.  Daily probiotics help your gut and moderating processed/junk food intake a little bit every day goes a long way.  If you suffer from bloating and stomach pains you may have allergies your not aware of, play with elimination diets or talk to your DR.

Better digest experiences/people:
Listen more.  Take a little time to reflect after interactions, maybe even write a few thoughts.

Better digest nature and all of its elements:
Remove any technology distraction so you can fully ingest your surroundings.

Ways I spoke of and shared digest this week:

I put things in my body that are good for my digestive system.

My healthy appetite for the adventures of life enables me to digest its challenges with joy.

I digest my emotions with care even when their unpalatable.


One of the main ways to stimulate digestion is to twist the body, so throughout practice I called for twist variations and binds.



A: Abundance
B: Buoyant
C: Current
D: Digest
Stay tuned for next weeks post- OR- come to class!
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