EVOLVE (week 5)



  1. develop gradually, especially from a simple to more complex form
  2. give off(gas or heat)

Let me remind you something about yourself that you may not marvel over with much frequency, at one point in time half of you was merely fluid in your biological fathers testicles, and the other half of you was an egg in your biological mothers ovary.  Until one fateful day those two bits of cellular material collided, and your DNA began to evolve itself into existence.  That is to say, beyond your conscious mind ever coming to be you were already a part of the evolutionary process.  

While we don’t have to consciously participate in the evolution of our cells and body we can deliberately strive to grow our awareness.

Evolving as a conscious being means waking up to, acknowledging, and furthermore addressing things about our person that would more often than not be much easier to ignore and deflect.  For example patience is something I struggle with, and I could very easily continue to rationalize that, “I am not impatient, everyone around me is slow.”  But by deflecting and placing blame not only do I strengthen my ego, but I hinder my growth and evolution as a person.

Where do you deflect and place blame in your life?


How does one intentionally grow his or her awareness?

Ways I shared evolve in class:

I Evolve

Evolving means waking up to things about ourselves that would be easier to ignore.

Evolving doesn’t feel orderly or smooth, it feels like chaos and loss as we shed what we no longer need to make space for our new self.


With the definition in mind, gradual development from simple to more complex, how I guided the class through movement played into that.  I called for longer holds with more concentrated awareness on body placement and alignment.


Other sweet E words:



A: Abundance
B: Buoyant
C: Current
D: Digest
E: Evolve
F: Stay tuned for next weeks post- OR- come to class!


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One thought on “EVOLVE (week 5)

  1. Suzanne says:

    So sorry I missed class! I love the notion of evolving. And that you defined it as chaotic. For me, I seem to evolve (at least on a conscious level) with not-so-comfortable “aha” moments when I discover that I’ve been projecting, blaming and placing responsibility with others about my own stuff. Thank goodness from there is seems a short walk to ownership!

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