Kindle (week 11)



  1. light or set on fire.
    light, ignite, set alight, set light to, set fire to, put a match to”he kindled a fire”
  2. arouse or inspire (an emotion or feeling).
    “a love of art was kindled in me”
    rouse, arouse, wake, awake, awaken; More
    (of an emotion) be aroused.

When the word kindle came to my mind last week I was sold on it immediately.  It had a unique charm as I bounced it around my head.  While I was test running how it made me feel and deciding ways I might be able to share it with an audience, a few words that seem closely associated that I also really like entered my thought space: growth, ignite, manifest, spark, awaken.  Excitement ran through me!

Kindle, it’s so applicable to life, and a yoga practice.  What’s neat is we all have the capacity to ignite a fire from within.  What’s even more neat is sorting through different layers of ones life that can be kindled: physically, spiritually, mentally.

Undoubtably events happen in our lives that, can and will, hinder our ability to connect with the underlying, ever present, inert kindling in our beings.  When these events disrupt this connection it becomes hard to find inspiration to kindle anything new or positive at all.  Furthermore, it becomes hard to even find the kindling with which you are meant to kindle.  While that can seem like a bit of a drag, what is encouraging is, deep awakenings and inspirations are often a bi-product of hardship.

Ways that I shared kindle throughout the week:

Call upon on your deep core muscle line to kindle a solid connection between your body and movement.

I kindle the fire within me.

I recognize that I can be my own kindling to propel myself forward, and that that is empowering.

At times external circumstances challenge my inner fire, I am human.

Other sweet K words: 


A: Abundance
B: Buoyant
C: Current
D: Digest
E: Evolve
F: Frequency
G: Gravity
H: Humility
I: Intuition
J: Journey
K: Kindle
L: Stay tuned OR come to class!

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