Pulse (week 16)



  1. a rhythmical throbbing of the arteries as blood is propelled through them, typically as felt in the wrists or neck.
    “the doctor found a faint pulse”
  2. a single vibration or short burst of sound, electric current, light, or other wave.
    “radio pulses”
  3. throb rhythmically; pulsate.


Again the word of the week was decided with no hesitation.  Pulse.  What a beautiful powerful word to work with in a yoga class.  Touching on not only connecting to stillness in a way that allows you to draw your awareness to the inner always moving flow of energy inside of you, but also touching on the physical aspect of pulsing the body to develop strength.

With divine timing, in the middle of the week I came across a passage in a book that I am currently reading that affirmed my choice to work with pulse even more:

“The pulse is a wave of energy called the blood pressure wave and it travels through your entire body, influencing everything, including brain function. Not only does the heart’s magnetic pulse reverberate through every cell of your body, but it also produces a field around the body that can be measured up to 8-10 feet away.  When you activate the heart by calling up elevated emotions, you are not only broadcasting that energy to every cell; you are radiating those feelings out into space.  This is where the heart moves beyond biology and into physics.” -Dr. Joe Dispenza


Ways that I shared PULSE this week in class:

I am uniquely me, and I have endless gratitude for the pulse that carries me through life.

When I settle into stillness I am able to connect with the vibrant movement pulsing through me.

My pulse is healthy and vibrant.


Other sweet P words:



Weeks gone by:

A: Abundance
B: Buoyant
C: Current
D: Digest
E: Evolve
F: Frequency
G: Gravity
H: Humility
I: Intuition
J: Journey
K: Kindle
L: Longevity
M: Momentum
N: Nurture
O: Organic
P: Pulse
Q: Stay tuned OR come to class!

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