Rhythm (week 18)



a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.

Lets chew on Rhythm for a moment, shall we?

Music, heartbeat, dance, hormonal systems, seasons, relationships.

They all have a rhythm.

Now– rhythm doesn’t necessarily imply rhythmic.  For example:  the ears know when a song doesn’t compute fluidly, the body reacts when the hormones are out of balance, strange things happen in the world when the seasons get shifty, and relationships experience strain when they are off beat.

With the hustle and demand in most peoples day to day lives, it is safe to say most students are showing up to class with rhythms that aren’t fully rhythmic.  As an instructor it is important to me that I create a space that people can acknowledge the tempo and tone of their current rhythm and encourage them to settle into a state of rhythmic.  Cultivating deep harmony between the mind, body, and heart.

Ways that I shared rhythm this week:

“Energy moves in waves, waves move in patterns, patterns move in rhythms.  A human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns, and rhythms.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.” by Gabriel Roth

Move out of your mind rhythm and into your body/breath rhythm.

There are no greater rhythms than: seasons, hormonal cycles, sunsets, moonrises and the great movements of the seas and the stars.  We are a part of the creation story, subject to all its laws and rhythms.

Other sweet R words:


Weeks gone by:

A: Abundance
B: Buoyant
C: Current
D: Digest
E: Evolve
F: Frequency
G: Gravity
H: Humility
I: Intuition
J: Journey
K: Kindle
L: Longevity
M: Momentum
N: Nurture
O: Organic
P: Pulse
Q: Quality
R: Rhythm
S: Stay tuned OR come to class!

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