X marks the spot (week 24)


X marks the spot:  Finding/seeking/uncovering the innate buried treasure within you.

As I get closer and closer to the end of the 26 week series I have created for my student to stimulate fresh empowering mantras/experiences/sequences into their practice, I found myself at perhaps the most challenging letter to work with. X.  Not much actually starts with the letter X itself, and with the life hurtles I have been attempting to overcome this month, I found myself driving to teach class Tuesday morning thinking about just forfeiting the series all together for the week.  Would any of my students even care or notice??  The answer to that question is a mystery, but when I thought about it I knew I would notice, and I cared.

20 minutes till class starts, internal dialogue reads as follows:

“Think Karissa, think. Actually don’t just think, think outside the box!

I thought about the letter X itself, and then I visioned a treasure map with a bold X on it.

Then the AH HA moment occurred.  All of us have treasure within us, and all of us are presented life challenges that bury that treasure deeper and deeper from our awareness.  With that in mind I encouraged my students this week to uncover, dig, and curiously discover their hidden treasure and shine it freely to the world.


Weeks gone by:

A: Abundance
B: Buoyant
C: Current
D: Digest
E: Evolve
F: Frequency
G: Gravity
H: Humility
I: Intuition
J: Journey
K: Kindle
L: Longevity
M: Momentum
N: Nurture
O: Organic
P: Pulse
Q: Quality
R: Rhythm
S: Source
T: Trust
U: Unlimited
V: Vulnerable
W: Worthy, Welcome, Whole
X: X Marks the spot
Y: Stay tuned OR come to class!

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